love, freedom, beauty and first and foremost from the right mindset.

Do you think you are able to achieve happiness soon?

Sometimes you need a little help to achieve what you want and deserve.

„A renewed mindset brings new results.“

Just with the power of your mind are you capable of achieving everything that you want. Change is easy. Change begins in your head. You will live in the way that you think. Your imagination is either your friend or your enemy.


„Protect your mental health as early as possible.“


Mental health is extremely important in these stressful times. Many serious mental health problems are caused by little things at first. But these little things escalete over time and now they are a real threat with serious consequences for your life and the life of your beloved ones.

The impact of any trouble on your ability to cope, is largely underestimated. All these little problems comes together at the end of the day and they will increase the pressure on your mind and soul. The „stiff upper lip“ attitude isn’t helpful in such cases. Even The Duke of Cambridge’s brother Prince Harry is an example that nobody is immune from anxiety and distress.

Don’t make a waste dump out of your mind and body because mental problems causes a lot of physical health problems too. As long as you are capable of self-reflection your are suitable for Coaching. This is an effective way to improve your life because a professional Coach can provide you with useful interventions to help your in a short period of time.

„Get effective help now.“


I will show you how you can change things in your favour just with a renewed mindset. Let’s start with your head. Actually, that is a quite safe place because nobody can read your thoughts. You can transform your thoughts into a powerful catalyst of change, which can give you everything that you deserve:


Love. Freedom. Beauty.



Transform your life with a renewed mindset!


Meet me in person. Just make an appointment and tell me how I can help you or your loved ones.

I will show you how easy change can be. Don’t trust your willpower because it will ben not enough for permanent success. Just use a convenient way to overcome your old stubborn routines which are not helpful anymore. It is easier as you think to renew your mindset. Save time and money with my service.

I will show you how you can get the help you deserve even when you live far away. You found this website. That means you are online. You don’t need much more for the next step to achieve happiness.


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I am here to help you. I will reply to you as soon as possible. That’s a promise.

Image of Heike Noack as professional clinical Hypnotherapist and professional Coach she will be your guide to more happiness and wellbeing

Ms Heike Noack
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What my clients say about my service:

“My coaching experience with Heike has been remarkable.
The tool Heike provided has helped me to identify the next steps to focus on and to take fast actions that resulted in immediate returns. What stood out for me are two invaluable skills: Heike’s ability to balance the need to explore the issues versus the need to move on and implement changes. An additional advantage of Heike’s method is that it is also very effective via Skype, which can save travel time and expenses.”

Mrs Tina Degner
HR Officer, London

I am very grateful for your help. I was so anxcious about my exam but now I am very happy about my results. Your audio tapes helped me so much to overcome my exam anxiety. I listened to the audios frequently and they put my mind at easy and gave my so much confidence! Your phone and video talks was great because I could talk about my difficulties and I was happy to follow your ideas and tips to complete my professional training successfully. Thank you very much indeed. I will tell everybody about your service that helped me so much. Thanky you ones more. Luzie

Luzie, student with exam anxiety and learning difficulties (dyslexia)

The individual coaching and approach to the profiling of my personality factor and identifying my personal skills and strengths, gave me precious feed back and a clear foundation for my further business career. In my opinion the coaching process with Miss Heike Noack is a systematic and optimal way for developing your personal awareness and growth. In demanding and challenging times, reflection and solution oriented methods are more than valuable. My grateful  due to recommendation for Miss Noack’s service! Mrs Neli Berger

Senior Expert of Public Relations and Communication, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dear Ms Noack, I would like to thank you for your excellent job to ease me from my stress related tinnitus. It was very interesting to find the real cause: It was to much work and not enough staff to deal with. My boss ignored my concernes and I just tried to cope with a huge workload which was an endless distress. In a little time you helped me to identify the real problems and gave me support to solve the problems in my way. My tinnitus is gone now! Thank you very much indeed. I will recommend your service to my colleagues too because we always have pressure caused through the immense workload.

Mrs. O., Public Officer

I cannot stop to think about what I have learnt! Thank you very much indeed for all informations and ideas.

Mrs Majkic
Senior Management Administrator

“I asked Heike to help me with some business related decisions that I was stuck with. She has a whealth of experience and is able to advise in a very comprehensive manner. As she offers her service also via Skype it was very easy to find a place in my schedule. I would not hesitate for a second to call on her again.”

Mr Westphal
Proprietor, Bytecare Ltd.

Ms Noack did a brilliant job. I am deeply grateful for all the support in a very demanding time where my relationship has been suffering from a tremendous conflict. Now, everything is sorted and I am on my way to get my life and my love back. That is such a big relief. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Annette R., accountant

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