How to become a more successful Golfer?

Sergio Graciais a worldclass golfer who had to compete 74 times in major championships before winning a major tournament in 2017. Why to the hell does a professional golfer needs 20 years to fulfil his promise and win the Masters in Augusta?

After playing golf as a professional for decades it couldn’t be technical or a equipment problems preventing him from winning.And he did win a lot of international tournaments. He was always ‚Mr.Second‘ until he changed his mindset.


How often did you listen to your Pro when he or she explained how to impove your swing?


improve your golf pitch with renewed-mindset.comI never saw a big mirror on the golf course though that would be a great idea! Your body control while you swing is essential and needs close observation. You rely on your Pro, who knows your swing best. But there is no Pro for your pocket who reminds you what to do while you are playing. Instead you try to think on all those hints and tipps while you want to play 18 holes with your buddies or in a competition.

This desperate thinking about what is right in the moment will affect or in the worst case scenario, destroy your perfect swing. To establish the right, or even better, the perfect swing requirs endless exercises and probably a lot of money to book Pro lessons. You know this, because you noted your failures every time you played golf in the past.


There are too many frustrated golfers on the course


Is imperfection your second name? Do you hope every weekend that there will be a salvation from your imperfect golf swing? Just to think about these things makes the case worse because it makes you more conditioned to accept bad news or bad results.

You feel hepless. It is so sad! The game should be pure joy but you are in a bad mood. Your scorecard is the frustrating proof of your failure once more. Your shots can be so much better. You know it. But it will not happen as long as you are trapped in your thoughts about failure and missed opportunities.You will blame the weather, the ball, the grass, the gravity or the alligator in the rough green.


There is an easy way to improve your golf swing dramatically


There is no magic or furious golf voodoo. There is an easy way to overcome all your frustration and to get the success you deserve after all your efforts. Implement the exact instructions from your Pro but put them in the right place in your mind where your intellect does not overwhelm your routines. Let your swing be like a warm precise wave in your body: be one with your wedge or driver. Feel the magic of the perfect swing. Be the great golfer on the course.


Renew your mindset in a little as 4 weeks with no extra effort. You can do it while you are occupied with other tasks (exemptions apply). Here you will find a more detailed description of the process.


lady smiles because she got a better golfscore with a renewedmindsetGet the fun back!

Get the trust back in your ability to overcome any doubts about your golf swing. Get the right mindset back.



Renew your mindset now and be a great golfer

You know it: the game will be decided on the green with the short play. Just watch the play-off round between Rose and Garcia once more. That game was decided with the right mindset!

You can do it too!


Just make an appointment free of charge (initial appointment only). We will talk about your issue and I will give you a quote for your Systemic Coaching or Mindset Booster. how to get in contact
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