Improve your family life

There are a lot of problems on a daily basis:

  • Kids have problems in the school
  • Parents have difficulties to dealing with their children at all
  • Relationship suffers from pressure to fulfill expectations
  • Financial pressure due to unemployment or illness
  • Communication failure
  • Lack of ability to manage conflicts

and many more. The pressure which builds up over the time makes the situation worse. Often an outsider is able to help quite quickly because someone who isn’t part of the problem has a more impartial view.


Parents are responsible for many parts of their children’s education


But how to fulfill the demand? Parents suffer from time shortage and sometimes from a lack of experience or they simply don’t know it any better. There are many reasons why families suffer. Parents should show their children how „the world works“ and which abilities are necessary to deal with the challenges ahead.

Children copy what they see and hear. Just think about that a child is genetically half the mother and half the father. In addition, children copy all routines and behaviours in their environment. They develop their own version at the time.

I know a lot of parents who want their children happy and healthy but it seems to be difficult to be in charge, when a mother is overstrained with the daily routine.

There is a daily battle between children and parents


I call it „mother-deafness“. There is always the same challenge. The same words. The same issues. It seems everybody is on a carrousel and it is spinning faster every day and nobody can escape. There is just frustration and sadness.

Do you know this situation? I am very experienced with coaching children and parents. Usually there will be an improvement of your family life in just a few weeks.


Do you want to rescue your relationship?


We all like to be in our comfort zone because everything there is cozy and manageable. Even unpleasant things are familiar and they are just uncomfortable from time to time.

In the meantime it’s possible your partner is becoming disconnected. The distance will be bigger and the gap seems to be too wide to brigde. You can feel it: your relationship is going to be a big mess.

We all change several times in our life because circumstances change, people around us change. Sometimes we are able to move on when something unexpected happens. Sometimes we will be heartbroken when we loose someone.

„Life is challenging! There is constant change.“

Most people don’t like change because they are anxious about the future. Why should our relationship not be included in this change? Nothing is so old as the news from yesterday. The (good) old times are the past. It is much better to create a better present. This will extend into a better future too.


happy couple helps you to rescue your relationshipOf course, it’s a benefit to be careful with the person who is next to us. Partners invest a lot in their relationship. Therefore expectations are high and the return of emotional investment could slump from one party over the time. If there is anything remaning in your relationship other than a shared bank account, you should look after your relationship. You can hope and wait for any change or you can be active.

„Relationships under pressure are not about guilt.“

Different reasons on top of  difficult situations lead to complex emotional states between partners. Sometimes people cannot talk about their conflicts in the right way even though a good solution is still possible. But it isn’t hard to learn about problem-solving. It is just about needs and not about positions. It’s easier than you might think.

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