Do you feel…

  • It will be never enough what you have been doing?
  • Everybody get what they want but I never get anything?
  • Unsure about your ability to deal with other people?
  • Whatever you do it seems the result is worthless?
  • Any effort you make isn’t appreciated?
  • You will never meet any person who will love you as you are?


Then you are suffering from a low self-esteem


Which isn’t a good condition to bein to deal with life challenges on a daily basis.
First and foremost it is your mindset which is responsible for the loss of self-confidence. There are many ways to ruin somebody’s self-esteem. But in the end it is your faith in your own power which is the tip on the scale.


How can you improve your self-esteem?


clever goldfish used a renewed mindset to get a high self-esteemThe first step is: change your thinking. Some people suppose that is a hard thing to do. But it is quite simple if you know how it works. Every thought needs the same energy: the bad thought and the good one. That means you don’t need any extra effort, extra time, extra anything. It’s that simple!

Now, I come to the more difficult part. It needs time to make your thoughts permanent and it needs plenty of practice. Our brain needs this exercise in the same way as you have been learning anything else in the past.


You need to repeat any new thought or activity a few hundred times to create a routine of it. But you have to do it consciously. This could be very exhausting!


The short way of renewing your mindset


Imagine you could renew your mindset in a very short time, without any hard work. What would you change first?

It is important to keep the right order of change. You cannot take a step forward if you have not sorted which one is the right first step. Sometimes our mind is too fast because when we start to think about what we want to change, we think about the profit. Whichever change makes the biggest profit seems to be the best. Often little changes are more important to get the right result or any result at all.

Who is your biggest enemy and how to get rid off it?


Your biggest enemy is your inner captious critic. He will always deliver. This guy is the plague. He seems to be everywhere. His comments mess up your day. He keeps your self-esteem on a minimum level or maybe on the base line.

I will you tell you something very important:

inner captious critic shouts get rid of him with a renewed mindsetYou don’t need him.
Sack him.
Tell him loud and clear: „you are fired“.

I understand that you might be a bit skeptical. How can you fire someone who does not really exist? This enemy exists only in your mind. It is only an idea about your mistakes and inadequacies. Have a look at whether some of them are possible strengths.

You need to change your view because from a different point it looks and it is different. Be flexible, use your renewed mindset to be the best version of you. Be strong, be great, be unique, be happy and last but not least be yourself. Use your talents, your experience and your abilities to prove you deserve better than your inner captious critic will tell you.


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