Keep calm and relieve your stress

There are many ways to stay calm and to relieve your stress. Sometime it needs time to find the right one for you and your lifestyle. Not every offer suits your taste, your needs or your abilities or your timetable or your purse.

So what? There is an easy way to find relief from your daily stress impact. There is no need to expend a lot of efforts. But you have to spend a bit of your precious time.


the brain will give you a break when your body cannot deal with too much stressWhen you are in distress your body works at its limit. A lot goes on: blood pressure, hormones, nerves, muscles. Everything is working at high capacity. Your „boss“ (your brain) is monitoring, checking and contolling everything everywhere in your body.

Some parts are more busy then others but when the worst case happens, then it will be too much and your brain will set a break. This break coud be just a short one or a big one. The last one is called burn-out.

A burn-out is a collection of different symptoms. Of course, a burn-out needs a lot of time and patience to heal. You can avoid this scenario with a simple form of relaxation: just listening to a special audio recording.


The ultimate way to further relax


Every day one thing happens: you are going to bed and you will sleep for a few hours. Could you imagine spending about 30 minutes just before you go to sleep to improving you ability to relax? Could you imagine listening to an audio recording?


image of a island with palm trees brings you to calm peaceful places for your relaxationImaging there is a voice who describes to you nice places without any bustle, problems or disaster. You will sink into a lovely warm and soft cloud which gives you calmness, freedom and pleasant feelings. While you sit comfortably on this warm and soft cloud, you will experience muscle relaxation and an uplift for your mind.

This uplift will give your body a well-deserved rest. Tension in your muscles will disappear and you will feel like a feather in a warm summerly breeze. It is like a reboot for your body and mind.


Floating whenever you want


If you are familiar with the expression „beam me up“ then you are able to imagine what’s happening. I am going to „beam you up“ with visualization. It is easy to follow and many people who practice it experience a feeling like floating. I suppose, this feeling won’t be so far from „beam me up“.

You can enjoy this kind of relaxation in the comfort of your home. There is no need for exhausting exercises, searching for parking or catching up with the bus timetable.

You have a choice between three different versions:

Night version – use straight before sleeping

Day version – whenever you like but at the latest four hours before going to sleep

Neutral – use it when ever you want, just remember to come back from your warm and soft cloud works drug freeLet talk about your needs to relax effectively and drug-free. You can listen to your individualized audio recording many times. That means you have your relaxation in your pocket. You can combine it with some long-term personal goals too. Here you find more information about Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy.



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