How to overcome anxiety and fear?


Anxiety and fear are natural emotions. We need them because they will protect us in unknown areas and in dangerous situations. But there is a quite big but: sometimes we suffer from too much anxiety and fear.

There is a tricky thing with anxiety and fear


They don’t need to be fed because they feed themselves. That is scary! I know. In the end everything happens in our mind. This will be the place where we can fight against these insatiable monsters.

I am careful because for some people anxiety or fear is a very real enemy which is connected with real things, situations or creatures. There are different ways to cope with anxiety or fear and the ways to trat them depend on your personality and your capability to be open-minded.

Bad experiences are branded deeply in our subconsciousness too. It may needs time to „delete“ the bad memories but it is doable with help of hypnotherapy. Here you can find more information about Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Be brave! There are no invincible monsters…


figure looks brave at a monster which is hiding behind a door helps to fight against your inner monstersIt requires intensive talks to investigate the cause and the impact of anxiety and fear. I am very experienced in reducing or even deleting them with Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy. We will renew your mindset concerning your anxieties or fears. They creep in and now we will clear them away!

Just make an appointment free of charge (initial appointment only). We will talk about your issue and I will give you a quote for your Systemic Coaching  /  Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy how to get in contactClick to make an appointment





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