Why should you keep an eye on your mental health?


Your body isn’t a engine which serves your mind


Your body and mind are an unit that works like a Swiss clockwork if you let them do their job properly. But we should be honest: There is too much work to do. There are too many challenges and seductions. We feel the pressure every day and we hope for the best one day…

The negative stress hurts us on a daily basis. If we experience the same kind of pressure every day, we store these experiences deep in our subconscious. It set a mark which isn’t easy to erase. All this pain, even it is just a little bit, is going to add up to a bigger inner conflict. It’s like a black cloud and it is going to get be bigger and bigger until it will overshadow everything. There is no joy, no interest, no laughter, no initiative, no trust, no confidence. There is just a big void. It feels like a home without any furniture, curtains and light.

But there is hope!


Some people don’t realise this negativity exists, they just think that it is a part of their normal life. But our body has some sensors which give signals that things are not right. We should pay attention to what happens when our stress levels go through the roof. The first signal is, we feel unwell when bad things happen or a person has an impact on our life. Here is my recommendation to spot stress:

„Stress is a sign there is a lack or excess of something in your life.“

mind captured in a glas renewed-mindset.com offers effective help to avoid mental health problemsFor example, many people are scared of any conflict. They hide behind a friendly face because they feel unwell due to their needs for harmony. They try hard to stabilise the situation at the cost of their real happiness. For many people it is important to be a „good one“. The problem is they cannot deal with arguments and aggressive behaviour. They didn’t learn how to deal with these behaviours.

But that is not a fault. It is just a missing link. Everybody has the ability to cope with any demanding situation. Human beings are capable of doing amazing things. It is your choice to survive the daily stress attacks more successfully without harm to your mental health.

What do you need to protect your mental health?


Good news: everything that you need is already there even it’s very little. Every human has a survival instinct. This is the real big power. We want to protect our body and as you already know, body and mind are inseperable, both will support each other.

road sign renewed-mindset.com helps to make the rigth decision between new way or daily grindThe next step is more challenging: You need the ability to reflect on your behaviour, habits and routines. Just ask yourself why you do or think about things and people as you do. To find the true self isn’t difficult or dangerous because all the answers are already there and you have to just to pick them up. This won’t harm you because the truth will never harm.

The truth will be a huge relief to you. It is like a free medication without any negative side effects. But discovering the truth for yourself can be difficult if you have no training.


Here you get a free easy way to train yourself


There is no time limit. In the beginning you might not know what to say but then you should think harder.

– Stand in front of a big mirror
– Look at youself
– Act as if you are talking to another person, and not yourself
– Tell this person how your day was
– Speak about your failures (without critique) and the happy things that occurred
– Keep eye contact, even if it is difficult
– Stay calm and friendly. There is no reason to blame yourself or anyone else
– Finish this exercise with a positive idea


image of a woman who use the renewed-mindset.com free easy to follow trainingIt could be this exercise is hard to do because you cannot keep eye contact. Maybe you start to cry. That’s is not a weakness. That is the real you who is just sad. You are allowed to be sad. Just try every time to finish the exercise with a kind, positive thought.


Here is a helping hand for you


I want to help you. I would like to encourage you to do the first step to retain your mental health. It is easier than you might think. Just think about your freedom, your wellbeing and happiness when you fulfil your needs and meet your true self.

Just make an appointment free of charge (initial appointment only). We will talk about your issue and I will give you a quote for your Systemic Coaching.

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