Term and Conditions of business and service


I offer my service mainly online via the Internet and phone using Skype or Whatsapp or similar service providers. If you live in the Largs/Greenock area (Scotland), it is possible to meet me in person. Other places are available on request, so there may be an additional cost.

I offer my service free of any religious, ideological or political view. I employ a solution-oriented approach to help my clients to achieve results for their best outcome. I provide services for private and business clients.

Any session will be free from any manipulation, and not just for ethical reasons. Trust is the currency of my business. I trust my clients, and I expect honesty and reliability. I will use my very best knowledge and experience to help my clients as much as I can.

I am always open-minded. Unfortunately, in this world there exist many very unpleasant things, and some of my clients are very vulnerable. I promise I will support you to get a real chance to overcome your hurdles to make the best of your life ahead.


Service for private clients

My service is suitable for clients of any age and gender. Coaching is available for clients who are capable of self-reflection. Coaching is not a replacement for any medical treatment. If I recognize some symptoms of mental health problems while I am coaching you, I will suggest meeting your GP.


Service for business

I offer change management consulting for businesses of any size and leadership coaching. I am a certified mediator for the economy and working environment and certified in systemic constellation in organization and business. My business service offers a different approach than the usual consulting offers. It is effective and profitable and will deliver results without business ‘mumbo jumbo’.


Online service

Any communication takes place via Internet or phone. There will be no paperwork sent via Royal Mail. Any document will be sent as a WORD or PDF document.  Audio recordings will be sent via the Internet too.


Coaching session

One coaching session lasts 45 minutes. The session could be shorter or longer in certain circumstances. If there is any audio recording involved in the coaching agreement, it counts as one session. Usually, I will offer a one-time initial session free of charge.



Payments are currently accepted by bank transfer, PayPal, Transferwise or cash. Payments are due prior to sessions. That means payments have to be in my account at least two days in advance of the session. Otherwise, appointments will be canceled.


Cancellation / Delays

The cancellation of coaching sessions without a new appointment being made within seven days are not refundable. Delays of up to 30 minutes will not prolong the running session. There is no refund for time that is missed out.


Price of coaching

After our initial session, I will give you a quote. The price depends on the timeline and quantity of sessions. It will be more inexpensive to book a package. In my experience, It is more cost-effective to buy a package because it is very rare a problem is solved in one session.


Audio recording

Audio recordings and special audio recordings are part of my service. There will be extra instruction about using any kind of audio recordings, and clients have to agree to their proper use by providing a e-document signature.

Special audio recordings are produced with a special software tool that requests experience. Audio recordings can be a part of a regular coaching agreement or as stand-alone service.


Technical equipment

Every client is responsible for providing an internet connection that supports video communication and has to provide an email address for communication. I will support you in installing services like Skype or Whatsapp.

In the case there is an internet interruption during the coaching session, we will continue the session on the phone if it is possible.


My absence

In the unlikely case of illness, I will inform my client and provide a new appointment as soon as possible. This is a very rare event, but life is full of unexpected incidents.
Data protection in my practice

I will never sell or rent your personal data. Client data is stored safely. I am registered with ICO UK. My registration reference is ZA148195.


Professional liability insurance

As a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am insured with a professional liability insurance company. There have been no claims in the years since my successful graduation in this field.



The website renewed-mindset.com is for informational purposes onlyand the information contained herein should not be constructed as medical, legal or otherwise advise. On this website I give no individual advice or any recommendation about change management, business consultation, coaching, hypnotherapy or products. Every visitor should do his own due-diligence about his business or private issues.

Every client is responsible for his own results and behavior after using my service. There is no guarantee of certain results through my service. I will deliver my best knowledge and abilities to help my clients to improve their lives or business as they wish but I am not a fairy godmother who performs magic.

I am not taking any liability about any physical, or any other consequences which occur during or after my service. I am not accountable for any decisions that clients will make during and after my service relating to their business, relationships or family or any other part of their lives.

I will not deliver any information which I received during consulting, coaching or hypnotherapy to employers, life partners or public authorities. Exceptions are parents (with children up to the age of 18) and if public authorities demand evidence in relation to criminal activities.

As already mentioned, coaching or hypnotherapy is not a therapy for serious mental problems. I will decline any sessions or treatments if any client’s behavior appears to be a serious threat to his mental health.


EU customer law

Sometimes there is trouble between online service providers and clients. In this case, the European Commission offers a service to resolve disputes out-of-court. There is information about this service on a special website.

The Online Dispute Resolution website is an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court. Here is the link:


Business address:

pacesetter for change
Heike Noack
Clyde Office
2nd Floor
48 West George Street
G2 1BP

pacesetter for change
Heike Noack
148 King Street, Frisby’s College
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
NR30 2PA

Fon:.      UK-75988 36035 (text only)

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