What is „Mindset-Booster“?


The Mindset-Booster is a very special form of hypnosis. It is like a laser: very focused and precisely.

With help of a very special audio technique it will be possible to achieve your goals without any effort.

That sounds like magic?

It is magic! This kind of hypnosis is like „re-programming“ your mind with a turbo. Who would benefits from this most? Here a few examples:

1.  Sportsperson to overcome a special problem (e.g golf swing, exercise procedure)
2.  Change a single routine or habit (e.g. reduce chocolate intake, overcome shyness)
3.  Implement or establish new behaviour and thinking (e.g. punctuality, accuracy)
4.  Speed up your learning process (e.g. language skills, rote learning, any kind of vocabulary)

The Mindset-Booster cannot replace a comprehensive coaching or training. If there are more complex difficulties you should resolve these problems first.

Be aware: the Mindset-Booster is not suitable for any addictive behaviour.

How does the „Mindset-Booster“ work for you?


To change some habits and behaviour requires a lot of time. You have to exercise your new thoughts or habits consciously a few thousand times before it is implemented in your subconscious. That’s going to be very hard work! But you can shorten this process effectively.

image of a calender from renewe-mindset.com offers fast relief in 30 day with mindset-booterYou need 30 days to train your subconscious. But this daily routine is quite time consuming because you have to repeat your new thoughts about 400 times every day! Who has so much times and patience?


Mindset-Booster is here to help you! There are two ways:


You will speak a few short sentences which will help you to achieve your goal. This is called „affirmation“. I am going to speak it for you. This is called „suggestion“.

There is no special deal yet but now the Mindset-Booster will do a very special job for you: I will record these few sentences and I am going to make them soundless. That means you can listen to your audio recording whenever it suits you, even when you are watching TV, reading a book, doing any housework or commuting on the bus.


That means you can shape your thoughts and habits effortlessly in 30 days.

Here are requirements for your success:

  • listen to the audio recording during a period of 30 days without any break
  • 1 hour every day, you can split it e.g. in 4 x 15 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes
  • using earphones would be the best but you can use speaker if there are no other people or pets nearby

That’s it.

Maybe you are a bit skeptical about how this works and sounds. I created a demo video to show you how this works. Have a look:


Mindset-Booster – A Special Technology


The „Mindset-Booster“ is based on a very special technology which is called „silent subliminal“. There are some subliminal technologies on the market. The problem with these offers are, they are not 100% soundless. That means there will be nasty sounds in the recording which could be very uncomfortable or even disturbing.

Subliminal messages are only for personal use. It will be unlawful and unethical to influence or even manipulate other people with subliminal messages. That means other people should not be in the same room if you use speakers. Pets are very sensitive to high frequencies. They shouldn’t be in the same room if you use speakers.

For your personal use and benefits subliminal audio messages can be a huge game changer in your life. If you use it in a healthy context you can overcome some hurdles which you cannot overcome with your pure willpower alone.

„German Engineering for your mind“

A German developer took the basic subliminal audio technology and created an improved new version. This piece of technology is now available in UK and (of course) worldwide as well. The benefit of this silent subliminal audio recording technology is the real silence. There are no uncomfortable side noises. There are a few people who could receive some high frequencies but this is a very rare case. Those people are extremely sensitive in many ways and they are able to hear other high frequencies from other sources too.

A lady on the sofa is enjoying a Hypnotherapy or Mindset-Booster sessionUsually, you should listen to silent subliminal audio recordings with earphones. You can use speakers too but you have to consider using them if pets or other people are nearby. Other people nearby can hear the message as well even if it is soundless!

You need to listen to your silent subliminal audio recording 30 days for one hour daily. You can split this one hour in a few parts e.g. 4 x15 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes. You will get your audio recording with about 15 minutes length.

„30 days exercising is a NASA-proved time frame“

If you have a break in this 30 days period, you have to re-start. This is a proven time period approved by NASA! Don’t miss it. But one of the benefits of your audio recording is, there is no wear and tear and you are able to re-start any time.

Mindset-Booster is easy to use


Mindset-Booster is easy to use, time and cost effective, comfortable and convenient to implement in your daily routine. Use any mp3-player, e.g. your smart phone, tablet or pc, to listen and to come fast forward to your goal. You can listen to your Mindset-Booster wherever and whenever your are ready to do so e.g. watching TV, traveling with public transport, housework, gardening, studying, reading or any other business.

There is just one limitation: don’t use it when you are busy with high demanding tasks. This has nothing to do with the audio recording itself but rather to do with wearing earphones.

Important notice: There is no guarantee that this treatment is effective for everyone on any occasion. The effect is also dependent on your capability to follow the instructions as required.

How to book „Mindset-Booster“?


renewed-mindset.com helps to free your mindIf you want to book Mindset-Booster you need to make an appointment. You can meet me in person or online. It’s up to you and depend where you live. An online meeting (Skype or Whatsapp) is the most cost-effective way to do it for both of us.

Well, I am going to open my Hypnotherapy practice on the 1st June 2017 in North Ayrshire. I offer you a very competitive introductory package with a huge discount of 50%:

„The Great Scottish Summer 2017 – Offer“

  • 45 minutes session to sort your issue (online session or meet me if you live around the corner)
  • help to express you goal (there are particular needs)
  • audio recording as affirmation (maybe in a second meeting) or suggestion
  • transformation of your audio recording into a silent subliminal channel
  • layout of the audio recording (additional sounds or music)
  • file transfer online

    Introductory Price:  £ 99    (This offer will be available for a short time only)

Bear in mind this offer could change your life massive just with a little effort:
Mindset-Booster is an easy shortcut to your goals. You cannot book this special silent subliminal technology anywhere in the UK because it is „German Engineering for your mind“.

Just make an appointment and we wil talk about your issue and what Mindset Booster can deliver for you.

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