Everything you need to know about how Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy will help you


Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy will renew your mindset very fast, if you are in the right hands. How you can be sure this There are three important points:

1.  You must look for a proper qualification belonging to anyone who offers Hypnotherapy.
2.  Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists provide evidence about their comprehensive training with an accredited school.
3. She or he will be a member of an accredited professional body.

When you check these three points you cannot go wrong. You have just to overcome your misconceptions about hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy is no black magic or fake treatment


There are many confusing opinions about hypnotherapy. Some people think this is more a brain washing process and they will loose control. Maybe it’s a kind of black magic which makes you do crazy things.

Hypnotherapy isn't black magic renewed-mindset.com Hypnotherapy seems to be a scary state of unconsciousness. You possibly loose your mind because you will fall into a deep sleep similar an apparent death.

Is Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy dangerous? The answer is NO.

But you have to be careful. This is the reason why you should look for a qualified hypnotherapist. She or he will explain how the hypnosis will work and whether it will be suitable for you. There are a few issues which will prevent you from undergoing hypnotherapy: alcoholism, seizures e.g. epilepsy, some serious mental illness and of course, people who decline the hypnosis too.

Important notice: No one can be hypnotised against their will.

Hypnotherapy is convenient in many ways


Because it is the fastest way to change your habits or to overcome bad thoughts about yourself. Instead of exercising the same routine many hundreds of times the same routine you are able to shorten recover drastically.

Hypnotherapy is easy to follow Just close your eyes and relaxJust close your eyes. Every child can do it. Your hypnotherapist will tell you what to do. That isn’t hard work, to be honest.

„Every child can do it.“

First and foremost breathing is an important part. The right breathing is the first step torwards a deeper relaxation. You breath anyway, otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. Now, you just breath in and out in a calm manner and according to the instructions I will provide, should you choose to work with me. Sorry, I cannot reveal too much (business secrets).

It’s my job to work with you on your the specific problems. A proper consultation with my client will give me plenty of important information which is going to be integrated into the hypnosis session.

Trust is an essential part of hypnotherapy. I have to trust my clients that they will tell me the truth about their issues. My clients have to trust me and my professionalism. Confidentiality is the number one priority.


What can you achieve with Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy?


Improve your abilities

to learn new things e.g. a new language, to improve existing performance e.g. sport, entertainment, to achieve your objectivesfaster

Overcome anxiety and fears

e.g. animals, environment, panic attacks, stage-fright, any kind of exam anxiety: e.g. driver license, graduation, job interview

eat healthy, loose weight and get in shape with a renewed-mindsetOvercome unhealthy habits

e.g. related to food (special Diabetics Type 2), procrastination, smooking, drinking (no alcohol or drug addicts because they need medical advice)

Loose or gain weight

It is always difficult to lose weight permanently but to gain weight too e.g. for people who are serious ill.

Develop your personality

e.g. increase your self-confidence, free speech, overcome shyness, increase your self-worth, learn to say „no“

Relieve stress in your private or business life

and retain your mental health e.g. get a healthy sleep, avoid to burn-out, reduce the danger of depression, improve your relationship, learn to handle conflicts, be organized, set priorities

There are many more fields where Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to improve your life. Just talk to me and we will see how I can help you.

What happen while I am hypnotized?


renewed-mindset.com shows you that your mind and your fantasy has no limitsEverything happens first and foremost in your head. There will be images, sounds or even smells. But this will be depend from your imagination.

Your hypnosis session brings you to a safe place where you are very welcome. You will be very relaxed and this will open your subconscious to all the goods and positive change which you want to achieve. Your subconscious is like a big control room and stores for a lot of routines, feelinges, emotions and experiences.

In hypnosis your conscious mind is like a sleeping guard. There is no resistance, no facts, no intellect, no wishful thoughts and no hurdles which your conscious mind likes to serve if you want to change something in your life based on your real needs. The conscious mind could be the biggest barrier on your way to more love, freedom and beauty.

„You will be in a trance.“

Trance is a state of deep relaxation and concentration. You can compare it to reading a book or watch a movie where you are so absorbed about the content that you forget the time and anything else around you.

You will pay attention and listen to the voice of your hypnotherapist. This voice will suggest all these thoughts which you want to be in your mind and which will guide you in the future.

It feels like a big fluffy cloud. You are always aware about what is happening. But the time will fly and at the end of the session you may have some gaps about the sessions content. That isn’t a failure because that is a sign of how deep your relaxation was. But you can be sure everything is sorted and keeps in your „control room“ aka your subconscious.

If the hypnotherapist tells you some weird things you will awake immediately because Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy doesn’t work when someone will manipulates your mind. In addition, it is unethical to do so.

How many Hypnosis sessions do I need?


This is dependent on your issue. Sorry for this vague answer. There are some problems you cannot solve with just one session. There is work to do to the right direction because sometimes there are wellknown „reasons“ or „symptoms“ but maybe they are not the cause of your problem.

There are some more unusual situations which need very special projections e.g. anxieties and fears need mostly a step-by-step treatment.

After the first meeting I am able to give you an outlook and a quote. Bear in your mind, I work online. You will receive your session recorded via intenet generally. If you have no opportunity to receive your recording online there is the possibility of getting your recording on CD with Royal Mail (at extra cost).

Who can benefit from Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy?


There is no limit in age. My youngest client was 7 years-old and the oldest was 72 years-old. Children under the age of about 12 years are quite easy to hypnotize, and I am very successful with children who suffer from school stress.

Exceptions are mention above. One essential requirement to be my client is the capability to reflect self-critically on your behaviour. Otherwise change will not achieved.

Just make an appointment free of charge (initial appointment only). We will talk about your issue and I will give you a quote for your Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy treatment.

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