What is „Systemic Coaching“?


renewed-mindset-com-we-are-a-part-of-many-systemAll of us are living systems. Our body consists of billions of cells which are formed into organs, bones, skin etc.. All these cells work together and keep us alive, even when there is any incident that will show up as an injury or illness. It doesn’t matter whether the incident has physical or mental results, the rescue of the entire system is the first priority.

We are members of systems too. We are members of our family, citizens, we are tax payers, we are fans of football teams, bank custumers and we belong to many systems more. The cooperation of all of these systems are depends on many different factors and circumstances. There is a saying: everything in the universe is connected with everything.


There is no way out


you are a part of many systems there is no way outNobody can live apart from other systems. Even if you live allone far away from any kind of civilization, you will be a part of your environment where you live. You will be depend for example on:

  • local weather
  • which kind of accommodation is available
  • which tools and clothes do you use
  • which kind of food you eat

As you can see, you are connected with many different things and circumstances. Sometimes you are capable of influencing them, sometime it will be out of your reach.

Another example how tight different systems work:
You are going to lose your job because your company is nearly bankrupt. Your boss has been doing a bad job because he lost his wife through a car accident a few months ago. Now he is unable to manage the company probably and he lost a lot of contracts.

You will not just lost your job. Without your salary you will loose your mortgage and your home will be reprocessed. Your credit rating will decreased. Your relationship will break down and your children will loose their friends due to the removal to a different and cheaper residential area. Through the financial pressure your self-confidence is shrinking. The following depression will cause more psychological problems. Your mental health is in great danger.

Of course, that is a dramatic story but we have all heard of similar stories.

your life is a part of many systemsIf your system – your body or your family – is effected by any other system that you or your family is connected with, that means whatever happens to you or your family it will affect the other systems too. It is like the domino principle: One stone invalidates the next one. There is no way out. Does it sounds sad?


We are unique and this means there are lots of opportunities


Be optimistic! We are unique and that gives us more options. We needs to use our diversity to get out of trouble and stress. That means you can be more protected with a systemic approach and better prepared to solve your problems.

„A systemic approach isn’t an overnight wonder

Sometimes you have to overcome long-lasting beliefs or routines to improve your personal or business life. But when you going to discover the cause for your (unhealthy) behaviour it will be easier to change for the better. I can assure you there will be no drama or physical pain because you already own the answers and solutions. That sounds like a miracle?

The explanation is quite simple: your body knows your needs best and it is always on the search to find a way to get what it want. In your subconscious mind we will find with the help of the systemic approach the answer and solution.

renewed-mindset.com we are uniqueEveryone is unique because every personality is unique. There are a lot of factors about personality e.g. character, education, genes, experience. Everyone is a unique mixture of all of them. Maybe we do like the same music or the same sort of cheese but everyone is one of a kind in this universe though we have seven billion neighbours on this planet.

Most problems are connected with unsuitable values and arock-solid beliefs there is no happy end ahead. The good news is: you can change what you want just in a second because your change begins in your head. Your thoughts are the key. You will need the same energy for one bad idea as for a good one. There is no need for extra efforts. I will show you how this works.

Systemic approach in my coaching practice


My aim is to help you as effectively as possible. Online Coaching gives people a chance to get high quality support even when they live miles away from anywhere. I use unusual intervention tools which are easy to follow. I always use a figurative language which is very understandable. People like to communicate through images because we are more connected with our emotions through visualization.

Systemic Coaching is a drug-free concept. There will be no prescriptions. Sometimes, I recommend products which could support the process. But it will be up to you to use it.

There could be homework from time to time e.g. minutes about you routines and ideas. Be aware I work online. If you want to meet me in person it is up to you and depend where you live. Everything will be handled online. That will save time and money for both of us.

I will be your guidance through the process. There will be no advice. There will be pure cognition and solution.

Just make an appointment free of charge (initial appointment only).
We will talk about your issue and I will give you a quote for your Systemic Coaching.

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